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Reference to TElCustomTSPClient object used for timestamping.


    TElCustomTSPClient TSPClient;

    Property TSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient

    property TSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient;

    TElCustomTSPClient* get_TSPClient();
    void set_TSPClient(TElCustomTSPClient &Value);
    void set_TSPClient(TElCustomTSPClient *Value);

    TElCustomTSPClient get_TSPClient()
    void set_TSPClient(TElCustomTSPClient $Value)

    TElCustomTSPClient getTSPClient();
    void setTSPClient(TElCustomTSPClient Value);


    Use this property to specify the component, which will be used to timestamp the signature. If the TSPClient is specified, an attempt will be made to timestamp the signature using TSP (Timestamping Protocol) specification. If the object is not specified, no timestamping will take place.

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