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This property specifies the Authenticated Attributes for the signed data.


    TElPKCS7Attributes AuthenticatedAttributes;

    Property AuthenticatedAttributes As TElPKCS7Attributes

    property AuthenticatedAttributes : TElPKCS7Attributes;

    TElPKCS7Attributes* get_AuthenticatedAttributes();

    TElPKCS7Attributes get_AuthenticatedAttributes()

    TElPKCS7Attributes getAuthenticatedAttributes();


    Use this property to specify the authenticated attributes for the signed data. If the number of authenticated attributes is greater than 0, then they are signed instead of input data. Authenticated attributes may contain auxiliary information which is signed using signers' certificates.

    Authenticated attributes are commonly used in S/MIME protocol. In this case, they contain the message digest for the mail message. Mail message itself is not included to signature.

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