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Contains the list of passwords which are be used for data encryption.


    TElStringList Passphrases;

    Property Passphrases As TElStringList

    property Passphrases : TStringList;

    TElStringList* get_Passphrases();
    void set_Passphrases(TElStringList &Value);
    void set_Passphrases(TElStringList *Value);

    TElStringList get_Passphrases()
    void set_Passphrases(TElStringList $Value)

    TElStringList getPassphrases();
    void setPassphrases(TElStringList Value);


    Use this property to get or set passwords used for data encryption. The passwords are only used when EncryptionType is set to "etPassphrase" or "etBoth".

See also:     EncryptionType     Protection    

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