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Sets header field value.


    TElMessageHeaderField SetField(string Name, string Value, int Index, bool ClearParams);

    Function SetField(ByVal Name As String, ByVal Value As String, ByVal Index As Integer, ByVal ClearParams As Boolean) As TElMessageHeaderField

    function SetField(const Name, Value: TString; Index: Integer = 0; ClearParams: Boolean = False): TElMessageHeaderField;

    TElMessageHeaderFieldHandle SetField(const sb_u16string &Name, const sb_u16string &Value, int32_t Index, bool ClearParams);
    TElMessageHeaderFieldHandle SetField(const std::wstring &Name, const std::wstring &Value, int32_t Index, bool ClearParams);

    TElMessageHeaderField SetField(string $Name, string $Value, integer $Index, bool $ClearParams)

    TElMessageHeaderField setField(String Name, String Value, int Index, boolean ClearParams);


  • Name - field name.
  • Value - new field value.
  • Index - index of the field that must be changed among fields of the same name.
  • ClearParams - determines if field parameters will be deleted.
    Default value - False.


    Use this method to set value of the existing field. You can either delete all field parameters or leave them without changing.

See also:     GetField    

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