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Returns a field from the header.


    TElMessageHeaderField GetField(int Index);
    TElMessageHeaderField GetField(string Name, int Index);

    Function GetField(ByVal Index As Integer) As TElMessageHeaderField
    Function GetField(ByVal Name As String, ByVal Index As Integer) As TElMessageHeaderField

    function GetField(Index: Integer): TElMessageHeaderField;
    function GetField(const Name: TString; Index: Integer = 0): TElMessageHeaderField;

    TElMessageHeaderFieldHandle GetField(int32_t Index);
    TElMessageHeaderFieldHandle GetField(const sb_u16string &Name, int32_t Index);
    TElMessageHeaderFieldHandle GetField(const std::wstring &Name, int32_t Index);

    TElMessageHeaderField GetField(integer $Index)
    TElMessageHeaderField GetField(string $Name, integer $Index)

    TElMessageHeaderField getField(int Index);
    TElMessageHeaderField getField(String Name, int Index);


  • Index - index of the header field
  • Name - name of the header field

Return value

    Header field.


     Use this method when you want to get any field from the header.
    You can get field by its index or by name. There can be several fields with one name. In this case Index parameter specifies number of the field among fields of the same name. If you specify only Name then the first present field with this name will be returned.

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