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Adds condition to the filter.


    void AddCondition(TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator LogicalOperator, string Attribute, TSBLDAPSEquality Equality, string Value);

    Sub AddCondition(ByVal LogicalOperator As TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator, ByVal Attribute As String, ByVal Equality As TSBLDAPSEquality, ByVal Value As String)

    procedure AddCondition(LogicalOperator : TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator; Attribute : string; Equality : TSBLDAPSEquality; Value : string := '');

    void AddCondition(TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator LogicalOperator, const std::string &Attribute, TSBLDAPSEquality Equality, const std::string &Value);

    void AddCondition(integer $LogicalOperator, string $Attribute, integer $Equality, string $Value)

    void addCondition(TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator LogicalOperator, String Attribute, TSBLDAPSEquality Equality, String Value);


  • Attribute - attribute of the new condition
  • Equality - equality criterion
  • LogicalOperator - logical operator
  • Value - value of the filter

Logical operators:

Equality values:


    Call this method to add new condition to the filter.

See also:     IsEmpty    

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