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Modifies an existing entry.


    void Modify(string DN, TElLDAPPartialAttribute[] Attrs);

    Sub Modify(ByVal DN As String, ByVal Attrs As TElLDAPPartialAttribute[])

    procedure Modify(const DN : string; const Attrs : array of TElLDAPAttribute); virtual;

    void Modify(const std::string &DN, const std::vector<TElLDAPPartialAttributeHandle> &Attrs);

    void Modify(string $DN, array of TElLDAPPartialAttribute|NULL &$Attrs)

    void modify(String DN, TElLDAPPartialAttribute[] Attrs);


  • DN - Distinguished Name of the entry to be modified
  • Attrs - new entry attributes


    Call this method to send a modification request to the server.

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