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This event is fired when the client certificate is to be validated.


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    property OnCertificateValidate : TSBValidateCertificateEvent;
    TSBValidateCertificateEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Certificate : TElX509Certificate; var Validity : TSBCertificateValidity; var Reason : TSBCertificateValidityReason) of object;

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  • Certificate - Contains the certificate to be validated.
  • Validity - specifies the certificate validity status.
  • Reason - specifies validity reason.

TSBCertificateValidity values

TSBCertificateValidityReason values


    This event is fired by TElIndySSLIOHandlerServerSocket when the negotiated protocol offers the server to validate the clients's certificate, starting from the root CA to the end-entity certificate. One can check, whether the certificate is an end-entity one, by checking the certificate's Chain property. Use methods of the TElX509CertificateValidator class to perform the certificate validation.

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