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This event is fired when client requested a client TCP-forwarding.


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    property OnBeforeOpenClientForwarding: TSSHBeforeOpenClientForwardingEvent;
    TSSHBeforeOpenClientForwardingEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const DestHost: string; DestPort: integer; const SrcHost: string; SrcPort: integer; var Accept: boolean) of object;

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  • DestHost - remote host to connect with and data send
  • DestPort - port on the DestHost
  • SrcHost - host connected to the client
  • SrcPort - port on the SrcHost
  • Accept - set this parameter to True if you agree to provide the forwarding.


    If you agree to provide forwarding set Access parameter to True. In order to provide client forwarding server has to establish connection with remote server and transfer data received from the client to this server, and back - from the remote server to the client.

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