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Starts a WebSocket session.


    int StartWS(string URL, out TElWebSocketClient WSClient, out TElSocket Socket);

    Function StartWS(ByVal URL As String, Out WSClient As TElWebSocketClient, Out Socket As TElSocket) As Integer

    function StartWS(const URL : string; out WSClient : TElWebSocketClient; out Socket : TElSocket) : integer;

    int32_t StartWS(const std::string &URL, TElWebSocketClient &WSClient, TElSocket &Socket);

    integer StartWS(string $URL, TElWebSocketClient &$WSClient, TElSocket &$Socket)

    int startWS(String URL, TSBWebSocketClientSession Session);


  • URL - specifies the resource address.URLs like ws://host.com or wss://host.com are accepted.
  • WSClient - the client that will handle the WS connection.
  • Socket - returns the socket to which the connection has been established.
  • Session -

Return value

HTTP result code.


Use this method to send a request to the remote server to establish a WS connection. This method is superceded by OnBeforeWebSocketClientUsed and OnWebSocketConnectionEstablished events.

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