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Acquires an object from data storage.


    TElGoogleDriveDataStorageObject AcquireObject(string ObjectID);
    TElCustomDataStorageObject AcquireObject();

    Function AcquireObject(ByVal ObjectID As String) As TElGoogleDriveDataStorageObject
    Function AcquireObject() As TElCustomDataStorageObject

    function AcquireObject(): TElCustomDataStorageObject;
    function AcquireObject(const ObjectID: string): TElGoogleDriveDataStorageObject;

    TElGoogleDriveDataStorageObjectHandle AcquireObject(const std::string &ObjectID);

    TElGoogleDriveDataStorageObject AcquireObject(string $ObjectID)
    TElCustomDataStorageObject AcquireObject()

    TElGoogleDriveDataStorageObject acquireObject(String ObjectID);


  • ObjectID - specifies the object's ID.

Return value

    Returns an instance of TElCustomDataStorageObject class which contains the acquired object.


    Use this method to acquire an object in the Google drive.

See also:     ReleaseObject    

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