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Specifies whether to use client verification.


    bool UseClientVerification;

    Property UseClientVerification As Boolean

    property UseClientVerification: boolean;

    bool get_UseClientVerification();
    void set_UseClientVerification(bool Value);

    bool get_UseClientVerification()
    void set_UseClientVerification(bool $Value)

    boolean getUseClientVerification();
    void setUseClientVerification(boolean Value);


    If this property is set to True, DTLS server will verify the client which is trying to connect to it.
    When the client sends its ClientHello message to the server, the server may respond with a HelloVerifyRequest message. This message contains a stateless cookie which includes client's ID. The client must retransmit the ClientHello with the cookie added. The server then verifies the cookie and proceeds with the handshake only if it is valid. Such mechanism provides a possibility to deny DoS attacks from false IP addresses, however it does not provide any defense against DoS attacks mounted from valid IP addresses.

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