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Specifies the chunk size for chunked upload.


    long ChunkedUploadChunkSize;

    Property ChunkedUploadChunkSize As Long

    property ChunkedUploadChunkSize : Int64;

    int64_t get_ChunkedUploadChunkSize();
    void set_ChunkedUploadChunkSize(int64_t Value);

    integer get_ChunkedUploadChunkSize()
    void set_ChunkedUploadChunkSize(integer $Value)

    long getChunkedUploadChunkSize();
    void setChunkedUploadChunkSize(long Value);


    Specifies the chunk size if chunked_upload method is used to write files to the storage. The larger is the chunk size, the less upload calls will be created, and the faster is the upload. However, each time the upload is interrupted, it will restart from the last chunk. The default value is 4194304 bytes (4 MB).

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