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Acquires an object from the data storage.


    TElDropboxDataStorageObject AcquireObject(string Path);
    TElDropboxDataStorageObject AcquireObject(string Path, string Rev);
    TElCustomDataStorageObject AcquireObject();

    Function AcquireObject(ByVal Path As String) As TElDropboxDataStorageObject
    Function AcquireObject(ByVal Path As String, ByVal Rev As String) As TElDropboxDataStorageObject
    Function AcquireObject() As TElCustomDataStorageObject

    function AcquireObject(const Path : string) : TElDropboxDataStorageObject;
    function AcquireObject(const Path : string; const Rev : string) : TElDropboxDataStorageObject;

    TElDropboxDataStorageObjectHandle AcquireObject(const std::string &Path);
    TElDropboxDataStorageObjectHandle AcquireObject(const std::string &Path, const std::string &Rev);

    TElDropboxDataStorageObject AcquireObject(string $Path)
    TElDropboxDataStorageObject AcquireObject(string $Path, string $Rev)
    TElCustomDataStorageObject AcquireObject()

    TElDropboxDataStorageObject acquireObject(String Path, String Rev);
    TElDropboxDataStorageObject acquireObject(String Path);


  • Path - specifies the path to the object.
  • Rev - specifies the unique identifier of the object's revision. The default is the most recent revision.

Return value

    Returns an instance of TElDropboxDataStorageObject that contains the acquired object.


    Use this method to acquire an object from the storage.

See also:     CopyObject     DeleteObject    

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