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Performs general DNS lookup.


    void Lookup(string Name, TSBDNSResourceType ResourceType, ref TElDNSMessage Response);
    void Lookup(string Name, byte ResourceCode, ref TElDNSMessage Response);

    Sub Lookup(ByVal Name As String, ByVal ResourceType As TSBDNSResourceType, ByRef Response As TElDNSMessage)
    Sub Lookup(ByVal Name As String, ByVal ResourceCode As Byte, ByRef Response As TElDNSMessage)

    procedure Lookup(Name : string; ResourceType : TSBDNSResourceType; var Response : TElDNSMessage);
    procedure Lookup(Name : string; ResourceCode : byte; var Response : TElDNSMessage);

    void Lookup(const std::string &Name, TSBDNSResourceType ResourceType, TElDNSMessage &Response);
    void Lookup(const std::string &Name, uint8_t ResourceCode, TElDNSMessage &Response);

    void Lookup(string $Name, integer $ResourceType, TElDNSMessage &$Response)
    void Lookup(string $Name, integer $ResourceCode, TElDNSMessage &$Response)

    void lookup(String Name, byte Response, TElDNSMessage[] arg2);
    void lookup(String Name, TSBDNSResourceType ResourceType, TElDNSMessage[] Response);


  • Name - resource name
  • ResourceType - type of the resource record to search for
  • ResourceCode - resource code according to DNS/DNSSEC specifications defined, e.g., in RFC 1035 and RFC 4034
  • Response - contains DNS response



    Use this method to perform general DNS lookup. This function can be used to search for arbitrary resource records (RRs) by the resource name and resource record type/code.

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