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Clones the DC message.


    TElDCBaseMessage Clone();
    TElDCBaseMessage Clone(bool RenegerateID);

    Function Clone() As TElDCBaseMessage
    Function Clone(ByVal RenegerateID As Boolean) As TElDCBaseMessage

    function Clone : TElDCBaseMessage; virtual;
    function Clone(RenegerateID : boolean) : TElDCBaseMessage;

    TElDCBaseMessageHandle Clone();
    TElDCBaseMessageHandle Clone(bool RenegerateID);

    TElDCBaseMessage Clone()
    TElDCBaseMessage Clone(bool $RenegerateID)

    TElDCBaseMessage clone(boolean RenegerateID);
    TElDCBaseMessage clone();


  • RenegerateID - Set this parameter to True if a new ID should be generated for the new object.

Return value

    Returns TElDCBaseMessage object containing the same data as the current DC message.


    Call this method to create a copy of the current DC message.

See also:     Assign    

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