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Saves the state to a stream.


    void SaveToStream(System.IO.Stream Stream, TElDCEncoding Encoding);

    Sub SaveToStream(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Encoding As TElDCEncoding)

    procedure SaveToStream(Stream : TStream; Encoding : TElDCEncoding);

    void SaveToStream(TStream &Stream, TElDCEncoding &Encoding);
    void SaveToStream(TStream *Stream, TElDCEncoding *Encoding);

    void SaveToStream(TStream $Stream, TElDCEncoding $Encoding)

    void saveToStream(TElStream Stream, TElDCEncoding Encoding);


  • Stream - The stream where the state data should be saved.
  • Encoding - Encoding of the data in the stream.


    Call this method to save the state of the asynchronous DC operation to a stream.

Use DCXMLEncoding() function to get the default encoding and pass it as the Encoding parameter. You can also use another encoding object, if needed. DCXMLEncoding() is declared in SBDCXMLEnc unit/namespace and is called as SBDCXMLEnc.Unit.DCXMLEncoding() in .NET and as SBDCXMLEnc.DCXMLEncoding() in other editions.

See also:     LoadFromStream    

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