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Opens the file.


    int FileOpen(string Path, uint OpenMode, TSBFileShareMode ShareMode, ref Object FileHandle);

    Function FileOpen(ByVal Path As String, ByVal OpenMode As UInt32, ByVal ShareMode As TSBFileShareMode, ByRef FileHandle As Object) As Integer

    function FileOpen(const Path : string; OpenMode : cardinal; ShareMode : TSBFileShareMode; var FileHandle : TObject) : integer;

    int32_t FileOpen(const std::string &Path, uint32_t OpenMode, TSBFileShareMode ShareMode, TObject &FileHandle);

    integer FileOpen(string $Path, integer $OpenMode, integer $ShareMode, TObject &$FileHandle)

    int fileOpen(String Path, int OpenMode, TSBFileShareMode ShareMode, TElVFSOutputFileHandle FileHandle);


  • Path - path to the file.
  • OpenMode - specifies file open mode.
  • ShareMode - specifies shared access mode.
  • FileHandle - file handle is passed via this parameter.

Possible open modes:

Possible share modes:

Return value

    Returns a VFS error code.

Possible values:


    Call this method to open a file.

See also:     FileClose     FileExists     FileRead     FileWrite     GetFileStream    

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