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Retrieves the CRL.


    Function GetCRL(ByVal ACertificate As TElX509Certificate, ByVal CACertificate As TElX509Certificate, ByVal NameType As TSBGeneralName, ByVal Location As String) As TElCertificateRevocationList

    TElCertificateRevocationList getCRL(TElX509Certificate arg0, TElX509Certificate arg1, TSBGeneralName arg2, String arg3);


  • ACertificate - Certificate for which CRL is needed
  • CACertificate - CA Certificate
  • NameType - Specifies type of the name which identifies CRL location
  • Location - Location of the CRL to be retrieved

Possible NameType values:

Return value



    Override this function to implement retrieval of the CRL from given location.

See also:     SupportsNameType    

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