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Saves the certificates contained in the storage to the stream in JKS (Java Key Storage) format.


    bool SaveToStreamJKS(System.IO.Stream Stream, string Pass);

    Function SaveToStreamJKS(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Pass As String) As Boolean

    function SaveToStreamJKS(Stream: TStream; const Pass: string): boolean;
    function SaveToStreamJKSEx(Stream: TStream; const Pass: string; OnAliasNeeded : TElJKSAliasNeededEvent = nil) : boolean;
    function TElJKSAliasNeededEvent(Cert : TElX509Certificate; var Alias : string) : boolean;

    bool SaveToStreamJKS(TStream &Stream, const std::string &Pass);
    bool SaveToStreamJKS(TStream *Stream, const std::string &Pass);

    bool SaveToStreamJKS(TStream $Stream, string $Pass)

    boolean saveToStreamJKS(OutputStream Stream, String Pass);
    boolean saveToStreamJKS(TElStream Stream, String Pass);


  • Stream - the stream to which the certificates are written.
  • Pass - Password to encrypt certificates
  • OnAliasNeeded - this event is fired when alias is needed for some certificate
  • Cert - certificate for which alias must be provided
  • Alias - alias for the Cert must be provided via this parameter

Return value

    Returns True if the certificates were successfully saved, and False otherwise.


    Use this method in derived classes to save currently stored certificates in JKS format.

See also:     LoadFromBufferJKS     LoadFromStreamJKS     SaveToBufferJKS    

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