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Use this method to load multiple certificates stored in JKS (Java Key Storage) format.


    bool LoadFromBufferJKS(byte[] Buffer, string Pass, TElJKSPasswordEvent OnPasswordNeeded);

    Function LoadFromBufferJKS(ByVal Buffer As Byte(), ByVal Pass As String, ByVal OnPasswordNeeded As TElJKSPasswordEvent) As Boolean

    function LoadFromBufferJKS(Buffer : pointer; Pass : string; Size : longint; OnPasswordNeeded : TElJKSPasswordEvent = nil) : boolean;
    function TElJKSPasswordEvent(const Alias : string; var Password : string) : boolean;

    bool LoadFromBufferJKS(void * Buffer, const std::string &Pass, int32_t Size, TElJKSPasswordEvent pMethodOnPasswordNeeded, void * pDataOnPasswordNeeded);

    bool LoadFromBufferJKS(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $Buffer, string $Pass, integer $Size, TElJKSPasswordEvent|callable|NULL $OnPasswordNeeded)

    boolean loadFromBufferJKS(byte[] Buffer, String Pass, TElJKSPasswordEvent arg2);


  • Buffer - Buffer with JKS data
  • Size - Size of Buffer in bytes
  • Pass - Password to decrypt certificates
  • OnPasswordNeeded - This event is called if Pass is incorrect
  • Alias - Alias that identifies the certificate
  • Password - Password to the certificate that is identified by Alias should be provided via this parameter
  • pMethodOnPasswordNeeded -
  • pDataOnPasswordNeeded -

Return value

     True if certificates were successfully loaded.
     False otherwise.


    Use this method to load certificates which are stored in JKS format.

See also:     LoadFromStreamJKS     SaveToBufferJKS     SaveToStreamJKS    

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