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Parses the cookie string received from the server.


    void ParseServerCookie(string ACookie, DateTime ReceivedAt, ref bool DiscardCookie);

    Sub ParseServerCookie(ByVal ACookie As String, ByVal ReceivedAt As DateTime, ByRef DiscardCookie As Boolean)

    procedure ParseServerCookie(const ACookie : string; ReceivedAt : TDateTime; var DiscardCookie : boolean);

    void ParseServerCookie(const std::string &ACookie, int64_t ReceivedAt, bool &DiscardCookie);

    void ParseServerCookie(string $ACookie, DateTime $ReceivedAt, bool &$DiscardCookie)

    void parseServerCookie(String ACookie, Date ReceivedAt, TSBBoolean DiscardCookie);


  • ACookie - the cookie to be parsed
  • DiscardCookie - set this parameter to True to discard the cookie
  • ReceivedAt - the moment when the cookie has been received


    This function should be used by clients to parse server cookies.

See also:     AssembleClientCookie    

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