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This method signs the signature subject.


    Sub Sign(ByVal Cert As TElX509Certificate, ByVal Chain As TElCustomCertStorage)

    procedure Sign(Cert : TElX509Certificate; Chain : TElCustomCertStorage = nil);

    void Sign(TElX509Certificate $Cert, TElCustomCertStorage $Chain)

    void sign(TElX509Certificate Cert, TElCustomCertStorage Chain);


  • Cert - signing certificate
  • Chain - certificates to be added to the signature


    Use this method to calculate the signature value and sign the signature subject.
    Note, that recalculating the signature invalidates all countersignatures and timestamps. All these items should be removed, since they do not make any sense after signature recalculation.

See also:     SignRemote     Validate     SigningCertificate     SigningOptions     State    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum