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TElClientSSLSocket class

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Obsoleted. TElClientSSLSocket is a descendant of TElSSLSocket.


    Obsoleted in SecureBlackbox 12. Do not use this class, use either one of the components where sockets are supported implicitly (e.g., TElSimpleSSLClient), or use TElSSLClient in conjunction with TElSocket instead.
    TElClientSSLSocket provides client-side functionality for SSL and TLS connections via sockets. Server that supports such connection must be placed on the other side of connection.
     To send data to the remote side call Send.
    By default, TElClientSSLSocket is allowed to work using all SSL/TLS versions and all cipher suites. You can disable or enable some of versions using Versions property and disable or enable cipher suites with get_CipherSuites and set_CipherSuites methods.
    When connection is established, connection version can be read from CurrentVersion property.


Inherited from TElSSLSocket


Inherited from TElSSLSocket


Declared in

  • Namespace: SecureBlackbox.SSLSocket.Client
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.SSLSocket
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.SSLSocket.jar
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.SSLSocket.jar
  • Not available

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