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Specifies revocation grace period.


    int RevocationMomentGracePeriod;

    Property RevocationMomentGracePeriod As Integer

    property RevocationMomentGracePeriod : integer;

    int32_t get_RevocationMomentGracePeriod();
    void set_RevocationMomentGracePeriod(int32_t Value);

    integer get_RevocationMomentGracePeriod()
    void set_RevocationMomentGracePeriod(integer $Value)

    int getRevocationMomentGracePeriod();
    void setRevocationMomentGracePeriod(int Value);


    Use this property to specify the grace period in seconds. Grace period allows the certificate revocation information to propagate through the revocation process. The default value is 60 (1 minute).

See also:     MandatoryRevocationCheck    

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