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Specifies if key usage for SSL protocol communications must be checked.


    bool IgnoreSSLKeyUsage;

    Property IgnoreSSLKeyUsage As Boolean

    property IgnoreSSLKeyUsage : boolean;

    bool get_IgnoreSSLKeyUsage();
    void set_IgnoreSSLKeyUsage(bool Value);

    bool get_IgnoreSSLKeyUsage()
    void set_IgnoreSSLKeyUsage(bool $Value)

    boolean getIgnoreSSLKeyUsage();
    void setIgnoreSSLKeyUsage(boolean Value);


    This property specifies whether the issuer (CA) certificates should be checked, if their key usage extension (when available) allows use of such certificates in SSL protocol communications. The default value is False.

See also:     IgnoreRevocationKeyUsage     IgnoreCAKeyUsage    

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