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Specifies whether OCSP check must be performed.


    bool CheckOCSP;

    Property CheckOCSP As Boolean

    property CheckOCSP : boolean;

    bool get_CheckOCSP();
    void set_CheckOCSP(bool Value);

    bool get_CheckOCSP()
    void set_CheckOCSP(bool $Value)

    boolean getCheckOCSP();
    void setCheckOCSP(boolean Value);


    This property specifies if OCSP must be used for validation of certificates. First the list of known OCSP responses is searched for certificate status. If no valid OCSP response is found and AuthorityInformationAccess certifiate extension is present, information in this extension is used for locating and connecting to OCSP server. Before the OCSP server is contacted, OnBeforeOCSPClientUse event is fired. The default value is True.

See also:     MandatoryOCSPCheck     AddKnownOCSPResponses     OnBeforeOCSPClientUse    

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