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This event is fired before CRL retriever is used.


    event TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse;
    delegate void TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent(Object Sender, TElX509Certificate Certificate, TElX509Certificate CACertificate, TSBGeneralName NameType, string Location, ref TElCustomCRLRetriever Retriever);

    Event OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse As TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Certificate As TElX509Certificate, ByVal CACertificate As TElX509Certificate, ByVal NameType As TSBGeneralName, ByVal Location As String, ByRef Retriever As TElCustomCRLRetriever)

    property OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse : TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent;
    TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Certificate, CACertificate : TElX509Certificate; NameType : TSBGeneralName; const Location : string; var Retriever : TElCustomCRLRetriever) of object;

    void get_OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse(TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent &pMethodOutResult, void * &pDataOutResult);
    void set_OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse(TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent pMethodValue, void * pDataValue);
    typedef void (SB_CALLBACK *TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent)(void * _ObjectData, TObjectHandle Sender, TElX509CertificateHandle Certificate, TElX509CertificateHandle CACertificate, TSBGeneralNameRaw NameType, const char * pcLocation, int32_t szLocation, TElCustomCRLRetrieverHandle &Retriever);

    TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent|callable|NULL get_OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse()
    void set_OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse(TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent|callable|NULL $Value)
    callable TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent(TObject $Sender, TElX509Certificate $Certificate, TElX509Certificate $CACertificate, integer $NameType, string $Location, TElCustomCRLRetriever &$Retriever)

    TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent getOnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse();
    void setOnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse(TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent Value);
    TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent.Callback OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse = new TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEvent.Callback() {
        public TElCustomCRLRetriever TSBBeforeCRLRetrieverUseEventCallback(TObject Sender, TElX509Certificate Certificate, TElX509Certificate CACertificate, TSBGeneralName NameType, String Location, TElCustomCRLRetriever Retriever) {


  • Certificate - Specifies the certificate that is being validated.
  • CACertificate - Specifies the certificate, which signed Certificate.
    Can be nil / null / Nothing, if Certificate is self-signed.
  • NameType - specifies type of the name which identifies CRL location. Currently only gnUniformResourceIdentifier is supported.
  • Location - Location of the CRL to be retrieved
  • Retriever - An instance of TElCustomCRLRetriever class or it's descendant. Can be empty, or can be replaced by some other instance.
  • pcLocation - Location of the CRL to be retrieved
  • szLocation - the length of pcLocation.

Possible NameType values:


    This event is fired when the CRL is to be retrieved. If you need, you can adjust the instance of TElCustomCRLRetriever class, which will be used to retrieve the CRL. If there's no instance available (Retriever parameter is nil / null / Nothing), you should create such instance and pass it via Retriever parameter. See description of TElX509CertificateValidator component for additional information about default HTTP CRL retriever.

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