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TElCertificateRevocationListEx class

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TElCertificateRevocationListEx is a descendant of TElCertificateRevocationList.


    Use this class to manage Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL).

     CRLs are intended to store information about revoked certificates (i.e. certificates that became not valid for certain reasons).
     Each CRL corresponds to a single issuing point. I.e. each CA certificate can have a corresponding CRL which contains certificates signed with this certificate.
     It should be noted that CRL contains not certificates but information that is required to identify the issued (and later revoked) certificates. This information is the certificate serial number.

     Conforming CAs are not required to issue CRLs if other revocation or certificate status mechanisms are provided.

    Each CRL must contain date by which the next CRL will be issued in the NextUpdate field and following extensions:

     In SecureBlackbox 7.0 certificate generation has been moved from TElX509Certificate to TElX509CertificateEx class.


Inherited from TElCertificateRevocationList


Inherited from TElCertificateRevocationList

Declared in

  • Namespace: SBCRLEx
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.PKI
  • Unit: SBCRLEx
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.PKI.jar
  • sbcrlex.h


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SecureBlackbox Professional, SecureBlackbox Standard

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