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Returns the private key for Certificate Request


    bool GetPrivateKey(out byte[] Buffer);
    bool GetPrivateKey(ref byte[] Buffer, ref int Size);

    Function GetPrivateKey(Out Buffer As Byte()) As Boolean
    Function GetPrivateKey(ByRef Buffer As Byte(), ByRef Size As Integer) As Boolean

    function GetPrivateKey( Buffer : pointer; var Size : integer);

    bool GetPrivateKey(void * Buffer, int32_t &Size);

    bool GetPrivateKey(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $Buffer, integer &$Size)

    boolean getPrivateKey(byte[] Buffer, TSBInteger Size);
    boolean getPrivateKey(byte[][] Buffer);


  • Buffer - pointer to buffer where to put the private key
  • Size - the length of private key in bytes

Return value

    True on success.
    False otherwise.


    Use this method to obtain the private key from Certificate Request. Note, that private key is available only for just generated requests. If the request is loaded from file, its private key is inaccessible.

See also:     GetRSAParams     GetDSAParams    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum