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Parameters for searching by date.


    TSBDateLookupOptions DateLookupOptions;

    Property DateLookupOptions As TSBDateLookupOptions

    property DateLookupOptions : TSBDateLookupOptions;
    TSBDateLookupOptions = set of TSBDateLookupOption;

    TSBDateLookupOptions get_DateLookupOptions();
    void set_DateLookupOptions(TSBDateLookupOptions Value);

    integer get_DateLookupOptions()
    void set_DateLookupOptions(integer $Value)

    short getDateLookupOptions();
    void setDateLookupOptions(short Value);


Here 'Cert' means the certificate, which is processed.

TSBDateLookupOptions values


    Use this property to define validity period that certificates must have.

    Note, setting of DateLookupOptions differs for VCL and .NET versions. To enable some option in .NET use bitwise OR operation, for example ‘dloBefore | dloAfter | dloBetween’.

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