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This extension can be used in certificates issued to CAs. The policy constraints extension constrains path validation in two ways. It can be used to prohibit policy mapping or require that each certificate in a path contain an acceptable policy identifier.


    TElPolicyConstraintsExtension PolicyConstraints;

    Property PolicyConstraints As TElPolicyConstraintsExtension

    property PolicyConstraints : TElPolicyConstraintsExtension;

    TElPolicyConstraintsExtension* get_PolicyConstraints();
    void set_PolicyConstraints(TElPolicyConstraintsExtension &Value);
    void set_PolicyConstraints(TElPolicyConstraintsExtension *Value);

    TElPolicyConstraintsExtension get_PolicyConstraints()
    void set_PolicyConstraints(TElPolicyConstraintsExtension $Value)

    TElPolicyConstraintsExtension getPolicyConstraints();
    void setPolicyConstraints(TElPolicyConstraintsExtension Value);


    To get the more detailed information about this extension see PolicyConstraintsExtension class description.

See also:     NameConstraints    

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