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Detects certificate format.


    static int DetectCertFileFormat(string FileName);
    static int DetectCertFileFormat(System.IO.Stream Stream);
    static int DetectCertFileFormat(byte[] Buffer, int Index, int Size);

    Shared Function DetectCertFileFormat(ByVal FileName As String) As Integer
    Shared Function DetectCertFileFormat(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream) As Integer
    Shared Function DetectCertFileFormat(ByVal Buffer As Byte(), ByVal Index As Integer, ByVal Size As Integer) As Integer

    class function DetectCertFileFormat(FileName : string): TSBCertFileFormat;
    class function DetectCertFileFormat(Stream : TStream): TSBCertFileFormat;
    class function DetectCertFileFormat(Buffer : pointer; Size: integer): TSBCertFileFormat;

    static TSBCertFileFormat DetectCertFileFormat(const std::string &FileName);
    static TSBCertFileFormat DetectCertFileFormat(TStream &Stream);
    static TSBCertFileFormat DetectCertFileFormat(TStream *Stream);
    static TSBCertFileFormat DetectCertFileFormat(void * Buffer, int32_t Size);

    integer DetectCertFileFormat(string $FileName)
    integer DetectCertFileFormat(TStream $Stream)
    integer DetectCertFileFormat(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $Buffer, integer $Size)

    static int detectCertFileFormat(String FileName);
    static int detectCertFileFormat(InputStream Stream);
    static int detectCertFileFormat(byte[] Buffer, int Index, int Size);
    static int detectCertFileFormat(TElX509Certificate> this, TElStream Stream);


  • FileName - name of the file containing certificate
  • Stream - stream containing certificate
  • Buffer - buffer containing certificate
  • Index - starting index of the certificate in Buffer
  • Size - size of the Buffer
  • this -

Return value

    Returns the file format.

Possible values:


    This method detects format of the certificate (PFX, PEM, DER, SPC).

See also:     DetectKeyFileFormat    

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