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Specifies if signing certificate v2 shall be used.


    bool ForceSigningCertificateV2;

    Property ForceSigningCertificateV2 As Boolean

    property ForceSigningCertificateV2 : boolean;

    bool get_ForceSigningCertificateV2();
    void set_ForceSigningCertificateV2(bool Value);

    bool get_ForceSigningCertificateV2()
    void set_ForceSigningCertificateV2(bool $Value)

    boolean getForceSigningCertificateV2();
    void setForceSigningCertificateV2(boolean Value);


    This property specifies if version 2 of he signing certificate shall be used. The signing-certificate v2 can be used with hashing algorithms other than SHA-1. The default value is True.

See also:     ForceCompleteChainValidation    

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