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Tells whether the algorithm is supported by certain TElAlgorithmIdentifier descendant.


    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(int Algorithm);

    Function IsAlgorithmSupported(ByVal Algorithm As Integer) As Boolean

    function IsAlgorithmSupported(Algorithm : integer) : boolean; virtual;

    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(int32_t Algorithm);

    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(integer $Algorithm)

    boolean isAlgorithmSupported(int Algorithm);


  • Algorithm - SecureBlackbox-defined identifier of the algorithm

Supported RSA algorithms:

Supported DSA algorithms:

Supported Diffie-Hellman algorithms:

Return value

    Returns True if the algorithm is supported, and False otherwise.


    Use this method to find out if current algorithm identifier container supports specified algorithm.

See also:     CreateByAlgorithm    

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