Why SecureBlackbox is a Superior Alternative to BouncyCastle

If you are looking at BouncyCastle as a free provider of cryptographic services to develop or extend your software product, please see the table below:

Feature SecureBlackbox BouncyCastle
Asynchronous notifications (AddFilterCallbackRule with the *Notify flag)
Fully functional sample applications for supported APIs and platforms
Comprehensive documentation
Source code availability
Wide cross-platform support1
Comprehensive digital security functionality2
Timely updates and compatibility improvements
Clear roadmap for future development
Guaranteed support
Business responsibility
Overall reliability

1. The .NET edition of SecureBlackbox is available for .NET, .NET for Windows RT, Mono, Silverlight, Mono 4 Android, .NET CF, and Windows Phone. The Java edition of SecureBlackbox works on Java and Android and provides access to Windows-specific features such as CryptoAPI.

2. SecureBlackbox includes over 100 components grouped into 17 packages that cover all aspects of the digital security of data in storage and transfer.

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