How is SecureBlackbox distributed and where do I get the files?

SecureBlackbox is available for free download in it's evaluation version. This version can also be downloaded on Download page. The evaluation version includes

  • pre-compiled files (for VCL and NG editions), .NET assemblies (for .NET edition), Java JAR files (for Java edition), PHP extensions (in PHP edition) and the precompiled DLL with C++ wrapper source code in C++ edition;
  • help files;
  • sample certificates in PEM, DER and PFX formats, sample PGP keys and SSH keys;
  • sample projects;
  • code of descendant classes (for certain packages).

After ordering you can get the full (licensed) version. The licensed version can be downloaded from My Control Center. The licensed version includes all of the above. The pre-compiled files in My Control Center are the same as on the public Download page. Additionally VCL, .NET, Java and NG editions include the links to source code packages as described below.

Source Code Availability

  • The VCL Edition includes complete source code in Pascal that is used to build SecureBlackbox for Delphi, C++Builder and FreePascal.
  • .NET and Java Source code are avaiable as an add-on to your SecureBlackbox purchase and are priced by quote. .NET source code (written in Pascal) can be compiled for .NET using the Oxygene compiler. This source code is suitable for backup / security purposes or to build custom assemblies. Java source code (written in Pascal) can be compiled into java .class files (and JAR files can be re-built) using the FPC-JVM compiler.
  • C++ and PHP editions come without source code - you just replace the license key to turn the evaluation version for C++ or PHP to production version.

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