When I try to download the source code package from My Control Center, I get only a small file (not an archive). Why?

This problem happens sometimes due to missing authentication information - the file is provided only when the server identifies the requesting user and in some [client-specific] situations this doesn't happen.

Please follow the next steps to solve the download problem:

  1. use the same browser to login to the site and to download the files.
  2. don't use download managers. Let the browser download the file.
  3. if the download still doesn't work (we had a couple of reports about Chrome failing to download the files), change the browser to Firefox.

If the above is not possible, you need to:

  1. copy the URL to the text editor (eg. Notepad)
  2. modify https://sbb.eldos.com/path/to/filename.ext to include the username and password, so that the URL looks like https://username:password@sbb.eldos.com/path/to/filename.ext (where "username" and "password" are replaced with your login name and password on the support site)
  3. copy back the modified URL to the browser or the download manager.

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