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Does the price include the European VAT?

Prices that are listed in the price lists and shown by the price calculator do NOT include VAT. We do not collect VAT from European customers.…

Do I have to pay when distributing your components with my product?

The license cost is one-time and no distribution fees or other runtime fees (royalties) are required.…

Is a single-developer license "named" or transferrable?

Licenses are issued to the company (if the company name is specified in the order), so they are not bound to any individual name. If a user leaves the company, y…

Which License Do I Need?

I need to develop a project for my client. What kind of license do I need to buy?

What is the difference between the client-only and client-server packages?

Differences between the client-only and client-server packages?

How is SecureBlackbox distributed and where do I get the files?

SecureBlackbox is available for download in a free evaluation version. The evaluation version includes: precompiled files (for the VCL and NG editions), .NET ass…

When I use a production license key, I get an error that the key is valid for another version of SecureBlackbox. What is that supposed to mean?

What to do when you are using a production license key but still getting an error that the key is valid for another version.

What license is used for the distribution of SecureBlackbox?

SecureBlackbox is a commercial product. It can be downloaded for free only for...