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What SSL/TLS algorithms are implemented in SecureBlackbox?

SecureBlackbox contains complete support for SSL 2, SSL 3, and TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1, including AES and Camellia. SecureBlackbox does not support Elliptic Cur…

Why is the first HTTPS, FTPS or SMTPS connection the longest?

Why does the first HTTPS, FTPS or SMTPS connection to the server take more time than subsequent connections?

Why does my connection to the SSL/TLS (HTTPS, FTPS, SMTP/S, POP3/S) server close without any error indication right after connecting?

Some servers close the connection immediately when they receive a data packet that they can't parse or a data packet that is otherwise unrecognized. This is usua…

Why is PCT 1.0 not supported?

PCT 1.0 is an outdated attempt by Microsoft to establish its own standard. The attempt failed, and PCT is not used anywhere now.…

Why is there no SSL 4 support?

SSL 4 from Reuters has nothing in common with Secure Socket Layer. SSL 3's successor is the TLS family of protocols.…

Is there an easier way to add SSL to my application?

SecureBlackbox includes wrappers or descendants of the most popular classes and components used for socket access. SecureBlackbox.NET provides ElClientSSLSocket …

Can I use SecureBlackbox to connect to a WCF service with TLS 1.2?

SecureBlackbox includes a self-contained SSL/TLS engine, which implements TLS 1.2. So you can connect to the remote server using TLS 1.2 if (a) the other side su…

Why doesn't SSL/TLS (HTTPS, FTPS etc) client connect to the server with default settings?

Short answer First of all, newer versions of servers expect the client to have enabled either new (TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2) or old (SSL 3) versions of the protocol but …

Why Does the Active Property of the Socket-Based Component Return True though the Connection is Closed?

The Active property of the socket-based component is true, though I know that connection has been closed by the server. Why so?

Can I use SSL/TLS without Certificates?

The SSL/TLS protocol standards enable you to use X.509 certificates, OpenPGP keys, symmetric keys (preshared keys and PSK), and passwords (SRP). SecureBlackbox s…

A class library for PGP-compatible OpenPGP

Outlines PGP and OpenPGP compliance in OpenPGPBlackbox.

Certificate Setup in Client-Server Systems

The article describes how to set up X.509 certificates in SSL client and server components.

SSL Transports for NexusDB

Information about adding SSL security to NexusDB

Using SecureBlackbox with kbmMW

Step-by-step explanation of how to add SSL security to kbmMW

Using OCSP Stapling in the TLS-Enabled Components

Using OCSP stapling in the TLS-enabled Components