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With what other PGP software is OpenPGPBlackbox compatible?

Compatibility with OpenPGP The OpenPGPBlackbox package of SecureBlackbox is implemented according to RFC 2440 and its successor, RFC 4880, which define the OpenP…

How do I configure SecureBlackbox for PGP 2.6?

Set the following properties of TElPGPWriter: SymmetricKeyAlgorithm = 1 UseNewFeatures = false UseOldPackets = true Note that PGP 2.6 doesn't handle password-enc…

What are subkeys in OpenPGP keys?

Definition of subkeys in OpenPGP keys.

Users with GnuPG cannot decrypt data encrypted with OpenPGPBlackbox. What should I do?

If you use Armoring (enabled with the ElPGPWriter.Armor property set to true), you need to add a special header to the ElPGPWriter.ArmorHeaders property. The tex…

When I encrypt the data with a public key, the decryptor asks for the private key twice. Where does the second key come from?

Most likely, the key used for encryption has a subkey and the encryption is done for both the key and subkey. To disable the subkey (i.e., to exclude it from the…

When I use the SignAndEncrypt operation, GnuPG complains about a bad signature. Why?

Resolve a bad signature error from GnuPG when using the SignAndEncrypt operation.

How do I sign / encrypt the text data (and not a file)?

How to sign / encrypt the text data (and not a file)?

Why do I get "no keys for decryption found" with a valid keyring?

First, ensure that you have set the license key. Next, check that you have specified the correct private keyring. If your keyring or a key uses a password, and t…

How Do I Create Keys Compatible with PGP 2.6.x?

How do I create keys compatible with PGP 2.6.x?

Troubleshooting the following error in Secure Viewer: This message is for your eyes only

Troubleshoot the following scenario: The file, encrypted using PGPBlackbox, is displayed by PGP in Secure Viewer and it is not possible to save the file. Instead you get the following error message: This message is for your eyes only.