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Why doesn't the SSL/TLS (HTTPS, FTPS, etc.) client connect to the server with the default settings?

Short answer First of all, newer versions of many servers expect the client to have enabled either new (TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2) or old (SSL 3) versions of the protocol…

I need to connect to an HTTPS resource via proxy, but setting the HTTPProxy properties doesn't work. Why?

To connect to an HTTPS resource via an HTTPS proxy, use the WebTunneling* properties. The HTTP proxy and the HTTPS proxy are different (though often combined). T…

Why does the first HTTPS, FTPS, or SMTPS connection to the server take more time than subsequent connections?

There can be several reasons for this. First of all, if you use the TElX509CertificateValidator component to validate server certificates, this component perform…

Form-Based Authentication and the HTTP Client

I need to enter login and password on web page (in HTML form) before accessing the URL. How do I do this using your HTTP client?

The PreferKeepAlive property is not available anymore. How do I update my code?

This article shows how to switch from the deprecated PreferKeepAlive property in SBB 13.

Additional tune-up of retrievers in TElX509CertificateValidator

Additional tune-up of retrievers in TElX509CertificateValidator.