/n software to Acquire EldoS Corporation IP

Acquisition expands /n software's extensive portfolio of data encryption and security solutions

July 15th 2016, Chapel Hill, NC - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com), a leading provider of professional Internet development tools and components, today announced the acquisition of EldoS Corporation's IP. EldoS develops SecureBlackbox and a wide range of data protection, secure storage, and file system virtualization technologies. Through this acquisition, /n software expands their award-winning lineup of integration and developer tools with an exciting array of new security and data protection capabilities.

Since inception in 1998 EldoS has grown from a group of talented security engineers, to a global provider of tools and components for file and network security. Their flagship product SecureBlackbox is a popular toolkit used for integrating strong data and communications security into custom applications.

"We are excited to welcome the entire line-up of EldoS products to /n software," said Gent Hito, President & CEO at /n software. "The addition of this IP will enable us to deliver new and exciting data protection, storage, and system virtualization tools to our customers. "

EldoS Corporation's family of software solutions and technologies are strongly aligned with /n software's strategy. The acquisition provides important components to expand /n software's capabilities in low-level data protection, storage, and virtualization. In addition, the EldoS portfolio is highly complementary to /n software's, offering cross-platform tools and components for developers using any platform or technology.

"While evaluating this acquisition, the future success of our customers was our highest priority." said Eugene Mayevski, CEO at EldoS Corporation. "Thankfully, /n software shares our deep commitment to software developers and our passion for protecting data."

/n software has acquired IP from EldoS Corporation Ltd. EldoS Corporation will remain as a distinct entity.

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